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Boost productivity with a dynamic workspace

Medical studies show that happy employees are more enthusiastic and produce better work; they’re also more loyal to their company and are proud of who they work for.

Similarly, healthy employees have more energy, less stress and far fewer sick days.

So it’s a no-brainer for businesses to try and create workspaces that promote happier, healthier lifestyles.

Here at Offices iQ, we have hundreds of corporate clients across the globe who understand that happy, healthy employees are far more productive and engaged…

So we work with thousands of different serviced office providers who all focus on delivering great workspaces where teams and individuals can flourish.

We’d like to share some of the features these spaces provide so you too can give staff a healthy, happy office in which to thrive.

  1. Stand up for something

Introduce standing desks, which have been shown to boost energy and mood while reducing chronic back pain and weight gain.

In evolutionary terms, we were never meant to sit for 8 hours a day, much less hunched over a desk, so working at these desks feels both more natural and more positive.

And it doesn’t have to cost much - even a raised platform sitting on top of a standard desk can still work wonders.

  1. Encourage NEAT behaviour

And by NEAT, we don’t mean ‘tidy’ (though that’s also good)…

We’re talking Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis which simply means the calories or energy you burn up doing routine things such as walking, gardening or cleaning that don’t involve conscious exercise.

Trying to be more active in the office helps to stimulate attention and physical feel-good triggers which in turn boost mood and positivity – so start having one-to-one walking meetings, encourage people to take the stairs, stand up while on the phone and put the drinks machine as far away as possible. Together, these small steps will have a marked impact on health over time…

  1. Get Fruity

Offices are typically littered with treats and cake – it’s either someone’s birthday or there’s a reason to celebrate – but these goodies are like fat and sugar timebombs, ready to rob you of energy and well-being.

We all know this so leading companies like Innocent, Google and McKinsey & Co provide free fruit for their staff instead – a treat their people can enjoy that also promotes health and keeps them on the ball.

It’s now so popular that free fruit has become a staple of many of the serviced office providers we work with, embedding a culture of healthy nourishment and calm.

  1. Go green

Create an immediate sense of peace and well-being with a good selection of plants in the workplace.Repeatedly, studies have shown how plants at work reduce people’s stress but it’s now recognised that they also boost productivity, according to a study by the University of Exeter in 2014.What’s more, they absorb pollutants and filter the air, promoting easier breathing and creating a feeling of energised freshness.

  1. Keep cool

Try to ensure there’s a water cooler on every floor and encourage people to drink water rather than coffee or sugary drinks…We ourselves are composed of roughly 60% water so when we stay hydrated, it keeps our heads clear and our energy up.

  1. Fit for work

Create better team-working and boost productivity by creating fitness challenges for your staff.

Alternatively, consider ways of offering a corporate discount at local gyms and fitness centres which probably run programmes already for medium and large employers.

There are many more ways to turn your workspace into a healthier, more productive place and the team at OfficesiQ are always on hand to help you find your perfect work environment.

Call 020 7100 2121 or visit our website for a free search of the office spaces available in your chosen area.

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