Coworking & Memberships

You will read much about Coworking, and memberships, but what does this all mean.

Over the past ten years there has been a significant move to flexible workspace. Why commit to a long lease when you can take a serviced office for 12 months and why base yourself in a fixed location when you or your team are on the move most of the time.

First lets explain Coworking

Coworking means working in a collaborative space that is occupied by a number of individuals from many different companies. You do not have your own private office, of course you can upgrade to a private office should you wish.

Alternative providers of Coworking space have different names for this type of environment such as: Coworking, business lounge, work hub and collaborative space. They all mean the same thing. You share the space.

Within the Coworking space there are various working solutions you can utilise.

  • Permanent Desk: This desk is yours and no one else can use it. You can line your files up and place your pictures, same place every day.
  • Hot desk: Often the same type of desks as described above are available for occasional users. If you visit a business centre three days in a row, you are not guaranteed the same desk.
  • Work tables & benches: These tend to be long tables with chairs and benches accommodating up to ten occasional visitors. All plugged in, all connected to wifi, working on their own activities.
  • Workpods: This is an effective space saver within the business centre whilst providing some privacy. Working in a small open top booth containing a small desk, you are free to work in privacy and not be overlooked. Again these are reserved for occasional visitors.
  • Collaborative seating: Whilst meeting rooms are available for hire, the collaborative seating allows small groups to work together. These may be in booths, round tables or a number of very creative workspaces.
  • Soft seating: As it sounds this seating tends to be spread across the workspace and can be used for adhoc working. Lap tables are present with some seating.


Memberships simply provide you with access to one or any combination of the workspace solutions above.

  • You can take a membership for a private desk, a hot desk, adhoc seating or a combination.
  • Memberships are available on a full time basis or for a certain amount of days per month.
  • In addition to the type of workspace you require you can also choose where. Either one specific centre, all centres in a city or a country, even across a global network.

Benefits of Coworking & Memberships

  • Work somewhere different every day – close to customers, suppliers and home
  • Only pay for the space when you need it
  • Collaborate and generate business with other members
  • Ability to use different space for different activities. A desk to finish that project or a booth to meet with colleagues

Coworking & Memberships are just one example of many flexible space solutions.
Please contact us below to discuss your specific requirement in more detail and establish the best solution.

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