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Flexible corporate space solutions

Enterprise iQ is an end-to-end service designed to help corporates find their ideal flexible space. Seamless customer support and account management built in for today's busy corporate Real Estate teams.

We have been developing flexible space solutions for enterprises for over 15 years, saving time, helping to reduce costs and locating teams in ideal locations around the world.

Enterprise iQ has been designed to provide a personalised and intelligent solution to fit the unique needs of each organisation 
we work with.

Managing a large portfolio of flexible space can be very time consuming whether searching and negotiating your next office move to Hong Kong, handling local customer service queries in San Francisco or dealing with the negotiation of renewal rates with local providers in Madrid. It requires an experienced team to coordinate all these activities and keep everything on track - that's where we come in.

The flexible extension to your Real Estate Team

Global Office search

  • Most wide reaching office search in 123 countries
  • We perform bespoke searches, focused specifically on your requirements

In-depth market appraisals

  • Full cost analysis and market reports
  • Matched to your corporate specification
  • Detailed cost comparisons

Management of expansion and 
renewal agreements

  • Negotiating the best deal for you, every time
  • Market cost comparison, ensuring any renewal costs are kept to a minimum

Expert account management

  • With 15 years experience, we know how to find the best space for your organisation and keep your teams up and running

Surplus space disposal

  • Our established network of clients and operators creates opportunities to dispose of your 
surplus space

Customer service helpdesk

  • We handle all operational queries thereby saving you time
  • We become an extension of your Real Estate department

How does flexible workspace help corporates?

  • Launching in new and emerging markets
  • Existing leases with consistent low occupancy
  • Consolidation and optimisation of space across global portfolios
  • Flexible workspace memberships for mobile workers
  • Mergers, acquisition & divestment
  • Branch office networks
  • Large and variable project space
  • Swing space during major refurbishments
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Benefits of flexible workplace strategies

Whatever your corporate objectives, Offices iQ will work with you sharing our knowledge and experience across all possible solutions. We consider ourselves as an extension of your real estate department, working with you to develop bespoke solutions that meet your individual needs.

  • Increased speed to market
  • Overall reduction in real estate costs
  • Increased productivity of teams located nearer 
customers and home
  • Reduced lease liabilities
  • Reduced administration time
  • Ability to increase, decrease and even move location
  • Ability for teams to work in more than once location
  • Replacing existing leases with greater flexibility and reduce lease liabilities on balance sheets

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