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Boost productivity with a dynamic workspace

Medical studies show that happy employees are more enthusiastic and produce better work; they’re also more loyal to their company and are proud of who they work for. Similarly, healthy employees have more energy, less stress and far fewer sick days.

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Brian Moore joins Offices IQ as Enterprise Director

At Offices iQ, I work with organisations of every size to find their ideal workspace by identifying and tailoring flexible office solutions to suit their employees and real estate portfolios.

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Why Coworking should be an essential element of your future real estate strategy

Over the past decade, there has been a marked shift towards businesses of all sizes using coworking in addition to serviced offices worldwide, particularly in the UK, and that trend is set to expand at a rate of 20% year on year.

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IFRS 16: What you need to know and the likely impacts on corporate real estate

By now the term for the new financial accounting legislation IFRS 16 will already be an established part of the day to day terminology for most, if not all real estate departments.

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How To Turn Surplus Space into a Revenue Stream

Organisations across a wide variety of sectors, from IT to finance and car manufacturing to retail, can often find themselves stuck for years in long office leases with surplus space not being utilised as effectively or efficiently as it could be.

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Dublin: The new gateway to Europe after Brexit?

It’s no secret that Brexit has divided the opinion of the country, but it’s evident Brexit is now causing many large corporates to review their Corporate Real Estate strategy and operations.

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The Buncefield Disaster 12 years on: what have learnt about DR and business continuity plans?

Upon the 12-year anniversary of the devastating Buncefield disaster, we take a look at disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity plans, which allow your organisation to ke­ep trading and keep servicing your clients.

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"Brain Drain" - How savvy organisations are preventing the loss of top talent, and attracting the new generation

Growing up in Northern Ireland, the 'brain drain' was a well-known phrase amongst my peer group when discussing what their plans were after graduation.

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Budget 2017: Staircase Tax proves a step too far for UK small businesses

Over the past couple of months, up to 80,000 small business owners across the country have had to endure uncertainty and stress, facing potential increased business rates, possible staff redundancies and demands of up to £15k backdated to 2015.

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Can serviced offices really be cost effective for larger workgroups

Paris . Business Services Organisation. 40 desks When a leading UK Business Services organisation required office space for 40 people in Paris, the local team considered their usual solution of utilising a 3 to 5 year conventional lease.

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Dave McCloskey joins Offices IQ as Director

Dave McCloskey joins the team at a very exciting time whilst it expands quickly, bringing with him over 15 years of experience helping corporate organisations with their serviced and managed office requirements all over the world.

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Flexible workspace: drivers and the direction of travel

Things are obviously changing fast in the world of work. Business centres, serviced offices and similar flexible options have been around for years; but suddenly the coworking phenomenon is taking off. Sector expert Kurt Mroncz explains why.

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