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"Brain Drain" - How savvy organisations are preventing the loss of top talent, and attracting the new generation

Growing up in Northern Ireland, the 'brain drain' was a well-known phrase amongst my peer group when discussing what their plans were after graduation. This was the movement of well-qualified, intelligent and ambitious skilled workers, having gained qualifications or work experience, and now looking to the bright lights and opportunities of the city. A BA Hons degree from Queens or Jordanstown was a ‘ticket out’ to these opportunities, which mostly lived up to the expectations and hype.

Thankfully, we have seen a sea change in the country's political and economic landscape, with Northern Ireland now being a pull for some of the largest players in the service sector and film industry, as well as tourism and hospitality - if you haven’t been, I would urge you to book a City Break to Belfast!

I have been fortunate in finding a career that is not dependent on my location. My current role affords me the opportunity to work with some of the largest global organisations, sourcing workplace solutions across the world for any headcount.

Over recent years I can very much relate to the business version of 'keeping up with the Jones’s' scenario. Clients with a legacy portfolio of old-fashioned, dated buildings can be viewed as projecting the same outward image. They do not hold the same mystique, nor possess the allure of the more modern forward thinking businesses that have transformed their workplaces in recent years to meet the new demands of the Millennials.

Most of us will be aware of the collaborative space market leaders such as Google and Microsoft offer, and how those environments, along with changes in technology, have given these market leading organisations a desirable image that the workforce aspires to be part of. It’s not just about the product, there is an element of the must have ‘swagger’ associated with the working environment that is becoming a recognised contributing factor in attracting the next generation of talent.

Companies are now seeing both the attraction, and the retention, of the right calibre of staff needed to bring their organisation to the next level, or even just to ensure their competitiveness in an ever-changing market place, as a key priority. These organisations are turning to agile/flexible working opportunities, provided by serviced office providers, to create the right space in the right location, and offer the ability to flex their contractual obligations in line with headcount or seasonal needs, as well as provide fantastic, well-equipped workspaces, located in some of the most iconic buildings and desirable postcodes.

They can open offices of any size, from a single office to a complete floor, in the most sought-after locations, with no more commitment than a rolling monthly contract. They have the ability to create their own specific layout, in company colours - all with minimal risk/maximum return.

Like Belfast has experienced, these savvy organisations are now attracting and retaining the next generation of thinkers and doers thanks to the informed decisions made by employers, who are creating desirable workspaces and offering modern ways of working.

These are the ones that will deliver longevity and profitability to established names and brands now and in the years to come.

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