Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are available in most business centres. Generally available for hire by the hour or day in a variety of sizes and layouts. Hire of a room secures a meeting place for a specific time and number of people, with a range of services available as optional extras.

The benefits

Space to think

Meeting rooms within business centres provide a professional working environment. The alternative of hotel meeting rooms are often located in environments also used for leisure which creates noise and a distraction.

When you need it

Utilising meeting rooms on demand means you do not have to pay for your own space which may be empty the majority of the time. You only pay for what you use.

Where you need

Deciding not to have your own dedicated space for meetings, means you are free to meet wherever you want. Reducing commuting time and costs, and being able to meet closer to customers, suppliers and team members home location.

Wide Choice

There is a plentiful supply of meeting rooms in all cities and regional locations ensuring a room is readily available.

Meeting room services

Meeting rooms are available in all shapes, sizes and formats. Typical layouts are:

Boardroom Style: Delegates sat around a long single table.

U-Shape: Allows more delegates to sit round the table and be closer to visual presentations. Whilst the presenter is able to walk within the U and engage with individuals.

Cabaret Style: A more informal style of meeting. Groups of 6-10 delegates are sat at round tables, much like you would see at a dinner theatre.

Theatre style: This layout maximises the number of delegates you can achieve in a room. Chairs are laid out in rows with no tables.

Additional services

A range of additional services are available for purchase when you hire a meeting room, it is important to clarify if these are included in the price or if there is an extra charge. The equipment available does vary by provider.

Flipcharts and Pens: Often included in the price, however this is not always the case.

Multimedia projectors: These are generally available for hire. However please make sure you book in advance as there is not always one for every meeting room. Many centres now have their projectors networked.

Beverages: Tea and coffee is normally charged as an extra, and most all day meetings opt for servings on arrival, 10:30, lunch and 15:30. Prices are generally calculated per serving per delegate.

Lunches: Also purchased by the number of delegates, lunches tend to be cold buffets. Hot foot can be arranged, however this is not always the case.

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