Virtual Office

A virtual office is a location where you can select a number of services without having a physical presence in that location. Services range from a registered office address, mail forwarding, telephone answering and even occasional meeting rooms available for rent.

The benefits

  • Low cost option to having a presence within a specific location either nationally or internationally
  • Can start at an entry level such as a mailbox and upgrade through the services upto a serviced office
  • The virtual office provides a credible business address rather than a home address. Helping you look professional to customers and suppliers
  • Virtual offices are available at 1000’s of addresses around the world
  • Support an individual team member in an emerging market
  • A mailbox address and telephone answering will demonstrate your commitment to a region

Types of Virtual Office

Registered address

Your business will be registered at companies house with the address of your selected location.


Your mail and parcels will be received and forwarded or held for you to collect.

Telephone Answering

Often sold as a package with mailbox, but also available on it’s own. Telephone answering ensures your calls are answered professionally with the option of call forwarding and voicemail. Use the service for every call or divert when you are engaged or away from your desk.

Additional services

Depending upon the provider you chose for your virtual office, additional services may be available including:

  • Parcel and courier despatch point
  • Meeting room hire by the hour or day, including projector hire, flip charts, beverages and lunches
  • Administration services for the production and preparation of documents.

Virtual offices are just one of many flexible space solutions.
Please contact us below to discuss your specific requirement in more detail and establish the best solution.

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