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What a year 2019 has been at Offices iQ!

We have seen some exceptional bespoke requirements come though from our clients in the past 12 months, and it has been such a pleasure to work alongside both client and operators to deliver what may have otherwise been unobtainable solutions.

We had the opportunity to deliver one of our largest flexible solutions – at 250 heads – where quality fully serviced, turn-key space was not readily available in the market. That we were able to find the exact solution is testament to Offices iQ’s ability to source and work with some of the best operators out there. 

For the client, the short-term obligation we sourced was ideal for them and their balance sheets. This was vital in a market where the only alternatives were the conventional five-year plus commitments that would have been too much of a financial burden – not to mention the delays that inevitably arise when negotiating a conventional lease, coupled with the need to source and manage the fitout, IT provision, furniture, and have project teams to coordinate the delivery. Our solution offered the flexibility usually associated only with lower headcount solutions, as well as speed to market.

The chosen provider went on to win our internal award for attention to detail. The care they took was evident in agreeing the finished design, down to the very pantone references on accent colours, and even the tea and coffee supplied. Finding the right space in the right location meant that the client’s space had the look and feel of the corporate HQ.

This year we have been flexing our muscles further than the UK – our database now includes flexible offices in more than 120 countries. Our researchers have been busy looking at client driven opportunities across Africa, Asia, the Americas, Australia and of course Europe. In fact, we’ve seen such a big demand in North America that we’ll be opening a new office there in the new year – more on that soon!

We negotiated some of our largest headcount deals with a selection of international operators who are demonstrating the incredible quality being injected into the industry across the globe. It was somewhat surprising and hugely encouraging to see the standard of local operators positively challenging the big corporate names, even in far-flung locations.

Finding providers outside of the obvious places and in countries where English is not the first language may seem like a major hurdle, but in reality, it has become one of our standard ways of working. We love a challenge - especially if it means delivering the perfect solution for our client against the odds - and this last 12 months have not disappointed!

Our work with clients who have portfolio needs in Japan, Russia, and South America, among others, hasn’t been limited to the larger operators. Local market delivery can be just as good, if not better. If the solution exists, we have found it, and where it didn’t already exit, we helped create it!

Several of our clients are growing by acquisition, presenting us with the task of finding portfolio solutions that work for all parties involved. We consider all flexible options to cater to every demand. We have honed our skills working with multinationals and often helped to shape the brief, offering our knowledge and expertise to find the ideal provider even when our clients don’t know for sure what they need. 

If we were to sum up the past 12 months, it would be a process of continual development as experts in a rapidly evolving sector. We can be confident that we are the ‘one stop shop for all things flexible’ for our clients. We are extremely proud of the quality of our delivery, and we will continue to think (and look) outside of the box to find perfect solutions in 2020 and beyond.

If you’re looking for flexible offices in 2020, give us a call. Whether it’s for an initial chat or we end up finding you a space, our clients never pay a penny.

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