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Office Location:
Rupert-Mayer-Straße - München, Germany

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The Business Park offers seven buildings designed to maximise productivity. With a total rental area of 58,530 square metres, it comprises offices in a wide range of sizes, together with warehouses, laboratories and factories. It is also possible to combine factories and offices in one building. The five-storey office block at the entrance forms the heart of the business park. Behind it are a variety of premises ranging from small workshops to full-size factories and warehouses all of which, thanks to the Flexispace programme, can be tailored to precise needs. The buildings, constructed in the 1970s and now extensively restored, are in excellent condition. There are 40 parking spaces available for tenants and visitors on the site itself, and another 260 outside. There is also a casino, a coffee bar and a small supermarket on the property.

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