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Corporate organisation increasing utilisation and flexibility. London Headquarters with presence in US and Europe.

All organisations aim to optimise the utilisation of the space they rent. Empty space rented over the longer term is wasteful of resources which otherwise could be used productively.

The last ten years has seen an increase in innovative workspace, aimed at increasing utilisation and reducing the amount of space required. It is now common to hear of organisations implementing desk share or hot desking. In this scenario, the number of desks is based on the average daily occupancy of a building, with very few team members guaranteed the same desk every day. In addition, collaborative space is being allocated a higher percentage of buildings. This allows for adhoc meetings in communal areas, reducing the need for dedicated meeting rooms, with the added benefit of accommodating overflow when all desks are occupied.

Even after implementing these best practices, space utilisation varies dramatically throughout the week, month or year, dependent upon vacations, sickness, mobile workers, home working and changes in staffing levels. The utilisation of flexible workspace helps to control costs and remain flexible however your business needs change.

The below illustrates how a number of flexible workspace products can help to meet your evolving business needs.

London Head Office
  • Established head office
  • Central London EC3
  • Limited dedicated desks
  • Utilisation of collaborative space
  • 20,000 sq ft, 10 year lease
Overflow Space
  • Serviced Offices
  • Short term projects & headcount increases
  • All inclusive & fully furnished
  • Increase and decrease in size, even move
  • Acquire at short notice
Surplus Space
  • Sublet to a corporate organisation
  • Sublet to a serviced office operator
  • Complete floor or office suites
  • Benefit from Offices iQ enquiries
Client Led Consultancy & Projects
  • Bespoke managed space
  • More flexible than long term leases
  • More bespoke than serviced offices
  • Any size from 5000 sq ft
New Market Entry
  • Virtual Offices
  • Registered Address, Mailbox, Call Answering
  • Supporting remote & mobile workers
  • A credible presence in new markets
  • Upgrade at any time
Sales & Branch Offices
  • Serviced Offices
  • Supporting growing markets
  • Upsize, downsize & move
  • All inclusive & fully furnished
  • Any term from 3 months to 5 years
Supporting remote & mobile workers
  • Flexible Workspace Memberships
  • Business lounges, meeting rooms and day offices
  • Work wherever you need
  • By the hour or day

In more detail...


Depending upon size there may very well be the need for an element of your portfolio to be secured on a long-term lease. In this scenario, the company is well established in London EC3. They have sublet surplus space and are always able to over flow in to serviced office accommodation. They have completed in-depth analysis and established the need for 20,000 sq ft.

In addition to their HQ building. The following flexible solutions help them to achieve their objectives of reduced costs and surplus space, whilst achieving greater flexibility.


Overflow space from HQ can be quickly acquired within a serviced office for any size and any term, ensuring they eliminate empty space in an oversized head quarter building.


Even though the organisation needs overflow space from time to time. It is still financially beneficial to sublet excessive surplus space, rather than leaving empty. Offices iQ receive enquiries around the world from corporate organisations and serviced office operators looking to expand into surplus space. This turns a non-productive cost in to a revenue stream.


Managed Space is used where a larger footprint is required for a term, typically more than 18 months and greater than 5000 sq ft. The economies of scale make this more cost effect than serviced offices, as you can design your own space and select the services you require.


Virtual Offices are a great way of supporting individuals and small teams in new markets. Available for registered offices, receiving and sending mail, and telephone answering. Potential clients see your commitment to the market. Of course, you can upgrade to an office at anytime.


Sales & Branch Offices. Once a market is established and the local team grows, an office base may be required. However, the growth curve is often uncertain, and no organisation wants to over or under commit on space. Therefore, serviced offices allow you to secure your ideal location with the flexibility to increase and decrease in size or even move.


The final part of this model is supporting those team members who frequently work away from any office. Typically, these are sales, business development, customer support and consultants. A flexible workspace membership secures access to a business lounge, day offices and meeting rooms as required. Team members are assured of a professional working environment wherever they need to work. Memberships are available monthly or for a set number of days per month.

The above is just one scenario utilised by many organisations. Your situation may require all or just a few elements of the solutions described. By integrating flexible workspace in to your real estate strategy, you are able to continually review and adapt the workplace your teams utilise.

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